Human Capital Management (HCM)

Put employees at the heart of everything you do with SAP SuccessFactors software. A complete solution designed around employee experiences – what they need, how they work, and what motivates them.

Successfactor Employee Experience Management

Employee experience management solutions help organisations understand what employees need and take the right actions to improve employee experience and engagement.

Deliver an intuitive digital workplace experience

  • Access to everything employees need 
  • Intelligent recommendations, insights, and actions 
  • Cross-departmental guided experiences 
  • An employee communications channel 

Improve employee engagement

  • Flexible survey creation
  • Role-based dashboards and reporting 
  • Guided action planning
  • Automated conjoint benefits analysis  

Improve the digital employee experience

  • Tailored data exports
  • Key-driver analysis
  • Real-time dashboards
  • AI-powered text analytics
  • Digital intercepts and ticketing

Manage the employee lifecycle

  • Event-based triggers
  • Preconfigured and customisable dashboards
  • Embedded and tailored reports
  • Statistical key driver analysis

Improve the candidate experience

  • Insights across the entire candidate lifecycle
  • Overall candidate experience rating
  • Research-backed content and expertise
  • Flexible programmes tailored to your candidate journeys

SAP SuccessFactors Core HR and Payroll Solution

Our solution helps to enhance the overall employee experience and add strategic value to your business by managing global benefits, time and attendance, and payroll on a single cloud-based people platform.

Optimise HR operations and people data

  • People, profiles, and transactions
  • Organisational management
  • Time and attendance tracking
  • Global benefits management

Manage global payroll

  • Harmonised cloud payroll processes
  • Accurate payroll monitoring
  • Standardised payroll processing
  • Connected HR management

Simplify time and attendance management

  • Advanced time sheet and absence management capabilities·
  • Increased flexibility for employees and managers
  • Clock terminal integration
  • Embedded analytics

Centralise document management

  • Streamlined document management
  • Simplified access to employee documents
  • Compliance management
  • Automated HR document generation

Streamline HR services

  • Integrated HR knowledge base
  • HR ticketing
  • Embedded HR service analytics
  • Service-level agreement (SLA) compliance

An intuitive digital workplace experience

  • Access to everything employees need
  • Intelligent recommendations, insights, and actions
  • Cross-departmental guided experiences
  • An employee communications channel

SUCCESSFACTORS Talent management software

Talent management software gives your employees, managers, and HR professionals the tools and guidance they need to succeed – regardless of where or when they’re working. With this solution, you can hire the best candidates, engage employees, develop their skills. available anytime, anywhere.


  •  Engaging candidate experiences
  •  Global and diverse talent sourcing
  •  Candidate relationship management
  •  Comprehensive applicant management


  •  Pre-day one and new hire experiences
  •  Digital new hire paperwork
  •  Onboarding, offboarding, and cross-boarding
  • HR and manager collaboration 

Performance Management

  • Employee goal management
  • Continuous performance management
  • 360-degree feedback and evaluations
  • Dynamic teams objectives and key results

Compensation Management

  •  Guided compensation planning
  •  Continuous rewards
  •  Personalised recognition programmes

Succession and Development

  • Skills-based development planning
  •  Skills and leadership development
  • Talent reviews and calibration tools


  • Modern and engaging learner experiences
  •  Extended enterprise learning
  •  Connected people, information, and experts
  • Automated compliance training

Opportunity Marketplace

  • Capability-based framework
  • Intelligent workforce development
  • Team-centered approac
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